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  • Michele Tecchia, pioneer in the growth hacker profession

Michele Tecchia est né à Monaco le 13 juin 1980. Today, he is successful thanks to his job: growth hacker. He launched his own structure in his hometown and is supported by many private investors. He uses his many skills to transform the digital aspect of the economy, a universe he is passionate about. He is the man who has innovated and used the most meaningful data to acquire and retain customers for a company. Read more.

  • Michele Tecchia, growth hacking specialist in Monaco

Entre 2008 et 2012, Michele Tecchia commence sa carrière dans le business development et la communication d’entreprise. In February 2012, thanks to the support of a few individual investors in Monaco, he created his own company specialized in marketing consulting. Being a professional of growth hacking, a modern marketing technique based on an in-depth study of users’ flows and steps, Michele Tecchia is now one of the most renowned professionals in this field. Focus on this renowned growth hacker. Read more.

  • Michele Tecchia, At the forefront of Growth Hacking in Monaco.

Based in the Principality of Monaco, Michele Tecchia has optimization in his blood. As he likes to tell it, when he was only a schoolboy, he participated in a first aid contest with his classmates, just to skip school. He would eventually get them to win the competition and over the years would completely rethink Red Cross first aid training. He then founded the Monaco Red Cross Youth Club, using innovative communication techniques. So it’s no surprise that he turned to Growth Hacking years later. Read more.

Michele Tecchia

  • Michele Tecchia – The French Fab

Ensemble nous travaillons étape par étape sur leurs clientèles cibles, sur les parcours d’achat, sur le contenu, les offres et les services à proposer pour aboutir à des plans d’action clairs et actionnables. Read more

  • Michele Tecchia : A growth hacking professional in Monaco

A Monegasque at heart, Michele Tecchia lived in Grenoble for several years. He first studied political science and then discovered business and decided to continue his university studies in this direction. The many encounters he made during his studies in France were formative, allowing him to refocus on his true desires. Read more.

  • Michele Tecchia, a growth hacking pioneer in Monaco

Born in Monaco on June 13, 1980, Michele Tecchia obtained two degrees in Marketing and Management at the IDRAC Business School (2004) and in Political Science at the IEP of Grenoble (2006). Read more.

  • GrowthHacking : focus on the trends for summer 2022

With the evolution of the digital world, people’s lifestyles and habits have had to change. The same is true for marketing strategies that are constantly evolving to meet consumer expectations. Thus, the year 2021 has seen many growth hacking* approaches affected, in part, by the coronavirus pandemic. So one major concern remains within the community: what will be the fate of the summer of 2022? Discover the growthacking trends for the summer of 2022. Read more

  • Michele Tecchia: Israel, Start-Up Miracle or Mirage?

Michele Tecchia, passionate about the digital world, is the head of a digital marketing consulting startup based in Monaco. Read more.

  • Michele Tecchia: Monaco companies need growth hacking to take off!

Passionate about marketing as well as the digital world, Michele Tecchia became a growth hacker thanks to his passion and his will to evolve. He was able to create his own structure thanks to his skills and with the support of private investors in Monaco. For years, he has been offering his knowledge to contribute to the digitalization of the economy. To do so, it is constantly looking for collaborations with entrepreneurs and managers in order to create or participate in high value-added projects. Read more.

  • Michele Tecchia : Discover AARRR to develop your business in Monaco

You are an entrepreneur and you want to develop your business? Your online store is not as successful as you expected? Maybe it’s time to adopt an effective marketing strategy. Did you know that many mobile applications or sites use the AARRR matrix? Does the term not sound familiar to you? It stands for Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral and Revenue. Michele Tecchia will detail the AARRR framework in this article. Read more.

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