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Independent Marketing Consultant, since 2016, in Monaco, Michele Tecchia has a rich background during which he was able to contribute to projects with high added value.

Michele Tecchia grew up in Monaco and spent his childhood at the École du Parc in the Principality. It was during a first aid competition launched by the Red Cross that Michele Tecchia was already developing his skills as a future growing hacker. He says: “After having obtained the tenth place, which does not sound very good, but which is the best ranking in the history of our country, and after having totally reformed the first aid training, I created the Monaco Red Cross Youth Club. From only two members, including myself, I made this youth club the most important one in the Country during the following years”. At its inception, he promoted the club through Facebook, and implemented a strategy to grow the club. Illustrating the events with photographs, they attract the attention of the young, then the elderly and eventually organize internal parties for the Monegasque Red Cross.

For the past 6 years, Michele Tecchia has been developing Sarastar in Monaco where he looks for new ways to develop his clients’ brands. In his projects, he uses his skills in growth hacking, digital marketing and business development that he has acquired through his experiences. Michele Tecchia is first and foremost a digital enthusiast, working in product development, ad acquisition, inbound marketing and the implementation of digital strategies.
During these different projects, his objective is to define commercial strategies adapted to each company and each need.

Michele Tecchia: “But why at 16 did I want a Polo Ralph Lauren?”

Michele Tecchia: “In fifth grade, I would have died for a Ralph Lauren polo shirt. I bought a fake red one, I couldn’t afford a real one at 75€. Why does a twelve year old boy want to have a polo player on his chest so badly? How do brands do this? I found this question fascinating and it helped guide my choice of study.

Michele Tecchia : « As a Growth Manager, you help companies grow. A broader task than my previous job as a digital marketing consultant: growth is a goal, digital marketing is just one of the tools you can use to achieve it.”

Michele Tecchia soon becomes manager. “It sounds impressive, but there were four of us in total – it’s still a start-up.” And a start-up needs a moment of profitability. “As CEO, I was able to bring in his telecom subsidiary. A beautiful moment.’

The current work of Michele Tecchia

Michele Tecchia ends up as a growing hacker in 2019 and eventually becomes a partner. “I can make substantial choices that are about social impact and becoming the best at sustainable growth companies. Ambition and meaning finally come together here.

Important lesson – “You have to dare to make smart choices – we recently said no to a big client.”
Michele Tecchia : « In my career, one question has become increasingly important: why? I also became a manager and learned that taking responsibility for your own results is very different from taking responsibility for the results of others. Then I discovered: the best way to get everyone on the same page is to know exactly why you do what you do as a team. My own why has been increasingly characterized by the desire to mean something to others. Sprints & Sneakers is part of this approach; our slogan is to define growth. We try to make this as accurate as possible. We offer our employees the opportunity to buy back shares, so they too can reap the rewards; we donate free work hours to AidsFonds and OceanCleanup; and soon we will only want companies as customers that contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Then, you have to dare to make smart choices – that’s why we recently said no to a big client. Who was my main inspiration? That must be my mother. As a budget coach, she regularly helped cash-strapped families at our kitchen table. As a result, you learn early on that the world is much more than people wearing red Ralph Lauren polo shirts.

Michele Tecchia, a heterogeneous CV

Obtaining a Master’s degree in Marketing and Digital Strategy from Idrac Business School between 2000 and 2004 allowed him to develop the specialized marketing skills needed to implement a commercial strategy. Michele Tecchia pursued his graduate studies at Sciences Po Grenoble between 2004 and 2006 and obtained his degree in Political Science and Government. His meetings at Sciences Po and Idrac are, according to him, “the best thing” that ever happened to him.
In 2012, he left for London to do a year of studies in the Growth Hacking Academy, the first growth hacking academy in Europe, where he obtained a Master in Marketing. This intensive three-month training allowed him to change his way of seeing and approaching his work by collaborating with different people: business analysts, designers or software engineers. After his studies, he first became a communication agent for almost a year for the Expleo Group in Toulouse. This first experience allows him to work in the internal communication of the company for an Airbus project extending over 16 sites in the world, in Asia, Europe and North America.

Michele Tecchia: “I’ve always had a growth mindset, but I didn’t realize it until now”

Michele Tecchia joined Orange as a business development specialist. He became media sales manager in 2011 at Ebookers Limited where he set up the company’s French sales strategy. Since 2016, Michele Tecchia has been working in his startup as a manager, moderator, marketer, content creator, cleaner, or sales specialist. This experience within his own startup acted as a wake-up call for him: “I always had a growth mindset, but I didn’t realize it until now.
Independent growth hacker after having worked for prestigious marketing services such as Ebookers or Orange in France, his experiences in communication in Toulouse and Paris allowed him to develop his skills in the marketing field and are therefore closely linked with his growth hacking activity, the idea being to think about the target audience and the commercial aspect of the contents produced. Michele Tecchia loves his job and describes the purpose of his profession “The main objective of a growth hacker is to conduct experiments to unlock growth opportunities based on an in-depth analysis of milestones and user flows,” and explains that “it’s about finding new approaches to achieve business goals, which involves more strategic thinking and planning.” A growth hacker helps companies acquire and retain customers by analyzing the significant data they have. For him, more than a profession, it is a true state of mind.

Michele Tecchia has one motto; “Always learn. Always test!”

Although independent, he does not work alone, and regularly surrounds himself with design and editorial teams with whom they conduct experiments to test the CTA or UX design.
Michele Tecchia loves her job and believes that clear and professional communication is one of the most important skills for working in a team. The job also involves understanding a lot of knowledge, especially in conversion rate optimization, UX or basic statistics. A growth hacker must also develop multiple skills but must also know how to specialize in some of them. For him, it is also necessary to show a great capacity for self-reflection and to be open to others by taking into account their comments and ideas. He also particularly enjoys working in Monaco, as the Principality is home to many innovative companies with which he works. For those who would like to become a growth hacker like him, he advises them to “always learn and always test”.

Michele Tecchia: “The 3 deadly weapons of marketing in 2022”

In the past, marketing was seen as selling products and services to customers. Michele Tecchia corrects: “«Marketing is also about creating value for stakeholders through brand management. Marketing is now a broader term that encompasses all activities associated with creating value for a company’s stakeholders. These stakeholders can be internal customers, partners, suppliers, investors, employees, shareholders, etc.” « According to Michele Tecchia, There are several axes in marketing.

Michele Tecchia defines activity-based marketing:

«Marketing is about finding ways to satisfy customer needs. Marketing is the process of creating products and services that meet those needs.» Marketers like Michele TecchiaThey create products and services that meet customers’ needs through advertising, branding, pricing, sales promotion and other strategies. Michele Tecchia continues: «These products and services are distributed through channels such as direct sales, retail stores, catalogs, websites, mobile applications, social media, etc.»

Michele Tecchia gives us the definition of relationship-based marketing:

«Marketing is about creating value for customers, either by improving products or services or by increasing sales. Marketing is also about making sure your company delivers on its promises and commitments. This includes activities such as advertising, public relations, direct mail, events, social media and other forms of communication.» As explained by Michele Tecchia, Marketing is not only about selling products or services, but also about attracting customers and adding value.

Michele Tecchia and Leadership Marketing:

«Marketing is not just about selling products or services. Marketing is about making sure your brand is recognized, understood, trusted and loved by customers. It’s about making an emotional connection with your customers and helping them understand what you offer and why they should prioritize you over your competitors.» according to Michele Tecchia.

«Marketing is also about connecting with your audience via social media and other online platforms. Marketing is about listening to your customers and determining what they need and want. Marketing is about using all of this information to develop a product or service that helps your customers achieve their goals. Marketing is about everything you do every day to connect with your customers and keep them coming back.» explains Michele Tecchia.

Michele Tecchia : «Why marketing?»

«These days, if you ask employees outside of a company’s marketing department what they think about marketing, you often hear statements like: « If the product is good, it doesn’t need marketing! » Even in pre-industrial times, this assumption would have been correct. Because if there were only two carpenters in the village at that time, their customers quickly noticed which one produced the best quality, which one had the cheapest prices, and whose work best suited their own sense of aesthetics.» Michele Tecchia is a specialist and has been able to adapt over time.

How does Michele Tecchia develop marketing?

In the post-war period of the 1950s, there was a great demand for goods. Here, the marketing focus was on production to meet the high demand. The 1960s were determined by sales-driven marketing. Radio, television and print advertising as we have known it for the past 50 years began its triumphant march in the 1960s.

With increasing competition, Michele Tecchia explains that advertising has become more and more the center of marketing. With privatized television and the growing number of print publications, the frequency and volume of advertising increased dramatically, so it was no surprise that in the 1980s and 1990s, advertising agencies sprouted like mushrooms. Michele Tecchia continues «The increasing influence of stock markets and stocks on corporate decisions and thus shorter product life cycles have further fueled the advertising industry. This led to a growing ignorance of advertising by the 1990s. To compensate for this, new marketing opportunities such as public relations, event marketing and product placement were introduced to support traditional advertising below the line. And then came the Internet.»

Advertising agencies have included the new media as an additional channel in their « portefeuille de portée », but until a few years ago, they did not understand that Internet marketing offers completely new possibilities in terms of measurability and interaction.

Michele Tecchia talks about complexity, creativity, technology, analysis: the marketing challenges of the future

«The development over the last 50 years clearly shows the increased degree of complexity of marketing. While in the days of push advertising, the focus was on producing creative campaigns, online marketing technology and analytics have become increasingly important. In addition, many new marketing channels and sometimes very complex new marketing disciplines such as SEO, SEA, web analytics or related areas such as conversion optimization, which require a high degree of specialization, have been added over the years.

The art will be to identify the relevant methods for the respective project and to bring together the skills in the areas of creation, analysis and technology for a professional implementation” according to the expertise of Michele Tecchia.

A major task will be to link the various marketing metrics to each other and record the contribution of each individual metric to the whole (multi-channel tracking, attribution modeling). Mastering these quantities of data and interpretation will give new weight to the job description of the marketing analyst (keyword: big data). Until now, each marketing discipline has cooked its own soup.

«As in any other area of business, there are also legal framework conditions for marketing, which must be strictly adhered to in order to avoid costly warnings and lawsuits.» According to Michele Tecchia : « It starts with the imprint on the homepage, goes beyond the requirements against unfair competition and ends with the terms and conditions and cancellation instructions.»

Michele Tecchia tells us: «A week ago, the Marketing Tech Summit took place again in Hamburg. The event, organized by Ralf Strauß, is today one of the most important meetings on the subject. It was about nothing less than the future of technology in marketing.»

Michele Tecchia Growth Hacking Specialist: «The solution for fast growth!»

The goal according to Michele Tecchia is to grow rapidly without great costs «Companies have long used the most modern and innovative techniques to achieve this goal. Growth hacking, which has now been chosen as a buzzword, describes a special form of growth marketing or a part of performance marketing: Get the most success possible in the shortest time with the least cost!»

The main task of the growth hacker, according to Michele Tecchia, is to address the widest possible mass and draw attention to the respective product at low cost. «It does not use the usual channels to make its product a success. First of all, growth hacking has nothing to do with classical marketing in the traditional sense. It is rather a modern agile way to optimize marketing and communication activities.»

Michele Tecchia: What is Growth Hacking?

«Growth hacking is the disruptive answer to traditional marketing activities in average marketing departments. Growth hacking as part of growth marketing creates new solutions here.» Old wine in new bottles, or a new development to which a modern and agile marketing department must react?
Here is Michele Tecchia’s answer when we ask him to explain Growth Hacking in his own way: “The term growth hacking means growth. The term “hack” comes from the computer environment and refers to a trick or trickery.

In this context, it’s about trying to grow faster through tricks and gimmicks. The essence of a hack is that it is done quickly, hopefully efficiently, and perhaps not necessarily according to normal elegant rules. It achieves the desired goal regardless of the overall context in which it is embedded, even if it contradicts it.” The growth hacker, here Michele Tecchia, is therefore designated as a person who skillfully handles the subject of growth marketing.

Michele Tecchia continues: “He uses his creativity in conjunction with cutting edge technology to appeal to the masses. To some extent, he exploits the affinity of so-called Internet users to distribute his product as quickly as possible – almost entirely free of charge. Growth hacking can be characterized by personal individualism, ambition, and the desire to create as much as possible from little.”
The growth hacking described by Michele Tecchia is a technique used in modern growth marketing. It was developed by startup founders and is used to increase sales with creativity, analytical thinking and the use of social media techniques.

Michele Tecchia’s opinion on Growth Hacking in Startups: “Growth hacking is used by startups because these companies are mainly focused on growth. It is possible to start with limited resources and grow quickly, especially through the use of innovative marketing techniques, such as viral marketing or the use of social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox and LinkedIn successfully apply this technique. Growth hacking can certainly be considered as part of online marketing. The growth hacker usually uses search engine optimization, content marketing and website analytics techniques to achieve the desired goal.” According to Michele Tecchia, This objective is above all to keep costs as low as possible, while making the greatest possible profit.

Procedure and tasks of a growth hacker ?

Without going into too much detail, Michele Tecchia discusses the working steps of a growth hacker: “He takes a tactical and targeted approach to growth marketing. He does it primarily out of necessity: “Forced,” so to speak, because this method, which is primarily used by start-ups, serves one purpose above all: cost savings. Aside from a few available resources, start-ups do not have a conventional marketing background.

In addition, the necessary entrepreneurial experience cannot yet be demonstrated. For this reason, startups use other methods – With the so-called growth hacks, the growth hacker, as a marketer, intelligently compensates for these deficits. Growth hacking opens up a new perspective on performance marketing: through innovative methods, scalability and user retention are combined to form a profitable concept. The term growth hacking has spread since 2011 and has become a trend.”

Michele Tecchia concluded: “Those who start a business see an opportunity with which money can be made and, at best, the world can be improved. But that’s not enough: it should also be hip and cool. After all, the business is an expression of one’s own personality, especially in the beginning, and that aspires to reputation and signage, right? The only question is how useful this approach is. Because if it were a stroke of economic genius, 80 to 90 percent of all startups wouldn’t disappear from the market in the first three years.”

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